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About Xocchiali

The founders of the Xocchiali concept and products are 4 people with extensive experience from the home electronics industry applied to products for ordinary people. They have worked in leading positions in large international groups such as Ericsson, Sony Mobile Communications and Nokia, but have also tried the challenges of starting new companies where traditional products such as watches, electrical items for the house etc. have been enhanced with the latest technology. The four founders are:

Pål Borge – Project management & operations

Sarandis Kalogeropulos – Business development & Sales

Paul Johansson – R&D & Hardware development

Dr. Günter Alce – Technology & Software development 

Günter is also a university lecturer in virtual and augmented reality technology at Lund University.

The idea behind the Xocchiali concept is to unite the real world with the digital world, but based on relevant use cases that provide the user with valuable information in a simple way. All this must be carried out without compromising on the design of the eyewear as this is a fashion statement for many. This means that the technology will only be implemented into the eyewear when it is mature from a size and performance perspective. The eyewear will be connected to the mobile and cloud to maximize the use of information that is out there. We will offer complete eyewear to the end consumer under the Xocchiali brand but also directly to the eyewear industry to help established brands provide smart eyewear.

Xocchiali is established in southern Sweden in the city of Malmö. We work with the best suppliers in the eyewear and electronics industry around the world to achieve the Xocchiali concept.

About the product and tech

One can interact with the eyewear through microphones, speakers, indicators and sensors. The eyewear are connected to the phone through the latest Bluetooth technology and the phone opens up the entire ecosystem that is available via cloud services. This allows us to create relevant user cases that simply enrich the user’s everyday life. Xocchiali’s ambition is to continuously develop technology for effortless interaction and information exchange without compromising on the design of the glasses.

You need a mobile phone to connect your eyewear. Without a mobile phone, the eyewear work like regular eyewear.

When launched you will find the Xocchiali mobile application on Google play and Apple store.

Xocchiali smart eyewear provide features in 4 main areas. To notify – you are informed about various events via light or sound. To Trigger – you can initiate a number of events by voice control or button press. To Sence – through a number of sensors, you are informed about your lifestyle or you can inform relatives about events – XO features – Specific features developed and integrated by Xocchiali.

Initially English, but rollout in different languages will take place according to our marketing plan. In the countries where Xocchiali is sold, we will also support the main local language.

You follow the instructions in your downloaded Xocchiali application. In short, this means that you register for a Xocchiali account, connect your eyewear with a Bluetooth link to your mobile phone and then configure your eyewear according to your personal preferences. You can easily change the configuration over time when you have changed needs on the Xocchiali application.

The main information takes place between the phone and the eyewear through Bluetooth connection. For some user cases, information is retrieved from cloud services and thus requires an internet connection via mobile network or Wi-Fi.

In principle, there is no restriction on the features that can be used. The eyewear are connected to the internet and with the help of the components that are integrated into the eyewear you can communicate with and get information from your loved ones but also easily share information that is important to you.

You make a number of basic choices in your Xocchiali application on your mobile, for example who you want to be notified by – people or other applications. For other features, you trigger them on the move through voice control where you simply ask a question or ask for information.

For eyewear buyers

Xocchiali will provide drawings of how the cavity in the eyewear must look for the electronics to fit. We also provide assembly instructions and tests to be performed. If you don’t want to do the assembly yourself, Xocchiali can provide that assembly service by the Xocchiali factory and then send the acetate parts to your factory for assembly with the rest of the eyewear. Xocchiali’s factory provides full assembly, polishing and testing of the parts.

Customized eyewear basically works in the same way as Xocchiali eyewear. The application has been adapted to the customer’s wishes and there may be customer-specific features that have been implemented. All information can be found in the integrated user manual in the mobile application.

You contact us via info@xocchiali.com