Step into the future where information flows effortlessly, elevating people’s daily life without compromising on the eyewear design. We create tomorrow’s eyewear founded on the belief that individuals want to feel confident and free bridging the real and digital world on their own terms. Simply put, effortless access to information on the go.


Founded in 2020 in Malmö, Sweden, Xocchiali set out to offer a unique take on eyewear rooted in Swedish innovation. Our mission is to provide smart solutions that seamlessly complement people’s lifestyle. Our Xocchiali eyewear isn’t just a tool: it’s a fashion-forward accessory that redefines the way you connect with the world. We understand that fashion is an integral part of self-expression, and our eyewear is a testament to this commitment. With Xocchiali, you get the best of both worlds – technologically advanced eyewear that doesn’t compromise on the design.


Effortless information

We envision a world were information flows effortlessly, elevating people’s daily life. Our smart eyewear is a gateway to a smarter existence on individual’s terms. By innovative integration of technology into designed eyewear, we empower individuals with experiences.

Contemporary design

Our design philosophy revolves around creating smart eyewear that complements your style. We offer effortless information while captivating those around you with the sheer beauty of your contemporary eyewear.

Challenging today to create tomorrow

At the core of our brand philosophy lies the curiosity for questioning today’s norms to sculpt tomorrow’s possibilities. By merging traditional craftsmanship with cutting- edge technology rooted in Swedish innovation, we embark on a journey to create the next generation of eyewear.